Rita Yeh Endowment Fund

The Rita Yeh Endowment Fund, established in September 2020, supports general development and scholarships for the Sociology Department. It is set up to provide a 5-year scholarship for the completion of studies in the Department.

These scholarships were established in honor of Rita Yeh Tao-lei through the generosity of Mr. Patrick Huang and his wife Sharon Huang. Mr. Huang was a teaching assistant in the early years of the department. They generously donated US$350,000 as a way to remember Rita Yeh who had graduated number one in the first graduating class (1973) from the Fu Jen Sociology Department. 

Rita Yeh, in whose honor the endowment fund has been established, experienced many hardships after her graduation from Fu Jen, graduate studies in the United States and her life after returning to Taiwan in 1978. Her story exemplifies the social changes of a society because of economic, historical, and political differences.

Funds will first be used to recruit qualified students to a 5-year program starting at the undergraduate level through the master’s program to maintain adequate and quality research assistance for faculty. Professor Weng Chih-Yuan, chair of the department, will initiate programs to include interdisciplinary research and collaborative teaching with the College of Human Ecology, the Departments of Public Health, Social Work, Information Management, as he moves forward to raise academic visibility for the department.

This is the first endowment gift with an initial cash payment to expedite the advancement of a department. The Foundation extends its deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Patrick and Sharon Huang for their generosity, and their understanding of the importance of sociology today.