Father Franz Huber

Life Sciences Endowment Fund

The Father Franz Huber Life Sciences Endowment Fund has been
established to support research advancement and academic excellence in
the Department of Life Sciences in the College of Science and Engineering. This department, originally the Department of Biology, was founded in 1964 by the Austrian priest, Reverend Father Huber, and in 2001 was renamed the Life Science Department.

Noteworthy for the time, Father Huber actively raised funds from abroad for the purchase of biological apparatus and other experimental materials, and promoted the development of research in biology. His advocacy on behalf of Fu Jen accelerated the development of distinguished teaching, and placed the department in a competitive standing nationally with other university science programs. Father Huber retired in 1981, and was succeeded by other distinguished scholar-scientist- educators.

The Department of Life Sciences employs highly qualified faculty members for teaching and research. To nurture professional biotechnologists, the department has, since the time of Father Huber, developed the following distinguishing features —

  • Equal emphasis on teaching and research.
  • Close bond between teacher and students.
  • Well-qualified, experienced faculty.
  • Dedication to the highest ethical standards of scientific research.