Dr. Yu-Huei Jea & Dean Kang Chang

Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Yu-Huei Jea & Dean Kang Chang Endowed Scholarship Fund, established in September 2020 by her family, provides financial awards to students of the Mathematics Department who have achieved academic distinction. Her children have named the endowment the Dr. Yu-Huei Jea & Dean Kang Chang Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of their parents.

Dean Kang Chang, a trailblazing woman who spent 40 years at FJCU, was a student in the Math Department and a member of the faculty, with a career that culminated with her appointment as Dean in 2003-2008, and again in 2014-2020. Excellence in academia, and leadership in the community, Dr. Chang represents the highest standards of FJCU’s values. Her legacy remains a model for her many successful protégés and colleagues in Taiwan and the US.

The department of Mathematics was founded in August 1963. In 1973, the department was approved by the Ministry of Education to set up both pure  and applied divisions, and to found the Institute of Mathematics for the Master program. In August 1995, the institute and the department merged, offering both BA and MA degrees.

Despite challenges in the early years, the department established a paradigm for professionalism, a rigorous work ethic, and selfless dedication to community, all of which remains enduring departmental traditions.

The Kang Chang funding will support research, faculty retention and competitive hiring. The highest standards of excellence in a competitive global landscape can be accomplished only by remaining globally competitive. In our technologically advanced societies, support of this type is vital in creating opportunities for inclusion in the competitive fields of science, mathematics, and technology.