Chang Family Endowment Fund

The Chang Family Endowment Fund was established in 2019 by Chi-Kwong (Chris) Chang 張啟光, Class of 1969 Chemistry, and his wife Bonnie ⽯慧中, Class of 1970 Human Nutrition. With added support from their sons, Tim and Dan, The Chang Family Endowment was established to award
graduate scholarships for the Chemistry Department.


This support will advance critical research and faculty innovation, while the publication of projects and papers that result from this sponsorship will further the progressive global status of FJCU scientific departments. Awards on this level are central to promoting Academic Excellence as a cornerstone of the University’s core principles.

In an interview Chris expressed how his memories of his days at FJ inspired him to establish the Chang Family Endowment Fund.

I cherish the memory of my time at FJCU. In those early days, with the buildings still being finished and the laboratories only half- equipped, I was given a great degree of freedom to ‘play’ in the laboratories. The Department also promoted the option to conduct independent research and a senior thesis, which prepared a budding geek like me to later venture into scientific endeavors. I have kept in touch with the FJCU Chemistry Department over the past four decades, as a few faculty members were trained at MSU. I also taught a course there during my sabbatical year (1991). I was impressed by the excellent mentoring that students were offered, with an emphasis on laboratory skills. My impression was further enhanced in recent years when I engaged in collaborative research with my former PhD student, who is now a prominent professor at a national university. We had a rather challenging project that was tackled unsuccessfully by many graduate students on his research team; eventually the person who made the breakthrough was a FJCU graduate. In fact, FJCU has a reputation of producing well-trained undergraduates welcomed by all national universities in Taiwan.