Cardinal Paul Yu Pin Legacy Endowment Fund

The Cardinal Paul Yu Pin Legacy Fund, established in January 2021, honors the unique and farsighted vision of FJCU’s founding father. The Cardinal’s influence, that benefited many early graduates, remains relevant today as students face the challenges of a dynamic and uncertain global landscape. Through the generosity of Cardinal Yu Pin’s family in New York, this fund is uniquely positioned to advance academic excellence by building an endowment solidifying Fu Jen as the premier Catholic University in Asia.

Cardinal Yu Pin was a visionary and compassionate educator, far ahead of his times. His eclectic vision, which embraced values and standards from both Chinese and Western culture, laid the strong foundation on which the university now stands.

The Legacy Fund supports a range of campus-wide initiatives, benefitting the Center of Academia Catholica and the Departments of Philosophy, Theology and Sociology and others. Centers of Excellence in Data Science, Semi-conductor R&D, and a MRI Research Center, all targeted goals for the Foundation, will be beneficiaries of this endowment.

Additionally, The Legacy Fund will support and inspire interdisciplinary research programs, workshops and international conferences, peer reviewed publications, and faculty retention and recruitment. Expanding Fu Jen aligns with our commitment to funding projects that we believe to be achievable, that make contributions to the betterment of society, and uphold the Legacy Fund’s stated objectives of excellence.

Cardinal Paul Yu Pin restored Fu Jen in Taiwan in 1961, at a time critical to its existence and the future. After he died in 1978, most students were only aware of Cardinal Yu Pin and his legacy through the bronze statues and papers in historical records on campus. Through this endowment’s impact we will revive his spirit and celebrate his vision for years to come.